Alpacalypse Ranch 15

We have had a dream and it is coming true.

For my loving Gabriella

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HI my name is Elizabeth Jowell and ever since working in the jewelry industry and visiting Alpaca stores in Juneau Alaska, I have had a dream of owing a few alpacas and growing a business. We visited a few farms before making our move to buy. We, I, decided in July of 2020 to take the plunge, We started building a fence in HOT Texas full on summer. Oh there were a lot of tears, a bit of blood and a broken bone or two as well. From backing over my husband with the truck to dropping a gate of him, he still loves me and this journey we are on called Alpaca!
We have learned so much even after reading every book we could get our hands on. There were a LOT of trials and errors and a LOT of happiness too along with the sadness.
Our first farm favorite, besides the girls themselves, is a little boy known as Tenabris Ace Tempesta! Oh he was the light of the farm. We loved watching him run and pronk around. He was born on October 29, 2020. We had the absolute worst freeze and snow and ice storm not once but twice in January and February of 2021.
In March of 2021 our beautiful girl Shalom gave birth to a beautiful boy but within a few hours had died. This is a loss that has really affected my husband hard. During the day after her cria's death I was able to get a newborn cria that his mom wouldn't accept. Shalom didn't accept little Whiskey either but oh did we love him. Unfortunately we were not able to keep him and he went back to his original farm. He has a wonderful home now, fyi. A few days later Ace's mom died. we had no idea she was even sick or ill. She was my favorite and I dedicate this to her. She was the most lovable and amazing animal. I knew from her picture on a website that I loved her with all my heart. I know she loved me too.